Alternative Photography Class

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Hi! My name is Sara Poer, and I'm a practicing artist and Lecturer in Art and Design at Purdue University. I have an MFA in Photography, but practice many disciplines. I specialize in alternative process photography including Anthotype, Cyanotype, and Polaroids. 

How It Works

This class will be a great way to introduce or re-introduce yourself to Alternative processes. 

We will work independently each week to create one type of alternative process work. On Monday of each week recorded demos and handouts will be available on our class page. You can work at your own pace and when you have time. 

Then on Saturday of each week from 4-5pm EST we will come together and share our work or ask questions. This will be recorded and shared on our class page. 

On our class page you will also be able to introduce yourself and share your work. You can also ask questions there for me to answer during the week. I'll be available for the 4 weeks to answer questions on the page. You will have access to all the information on our class page forever. 

This is a small group class set to 30 people. This means it will be an intimate environment where you can hopefully make connections with other classmates. 


Week 1       July 10th      Anthotype

Week 2       July 17th      Polaroid Emulsion Lifts

Week 3       July 24th      Cyanotype

Week 4       July 31st      Film Swap & Film Soup


Polaroid Emulsion Lifts


Film Swap/Soup


The cost for the online class is $150. This does not include materials. 

A materials list is available here. If you purchase from the supply list you will have extra materials for personal use. 

Or you can order a kit from me (supplied at cost) that will ship you the consumables (-film) you will need for class. 

You might already have some of these materials or some of them can be purchased second hand. 

You will also need to have your own 35mm camera and a Polaroid Camera or Polaroid Lab (Polaroid and not Fujifilm). 


Purchase the class here. Reach out with any questions. 

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